You can train as hard as you but I promise you, you  CAN NOT OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET. 


You can lift, run, swim, as much as you want but if your diet is terrible. you will not see there results you want.


i want you to think as your body as a machine, a machine which is intented to preform, inorder to preform optimally a machine needs a energry source. the better the energy source, the better the quality of the performance.

 the best way to be aware of your nutrient consumption is by keeping a food diary, you can not just guess and estimate you way into achieving the body you want, you need to calculate and be super aware of how much, when, and what you are consuming. (dont eyeball measure)  The way I would recommend is by using an app called "my fitness pal". there are many apps like this which allow you to track meals and food consumption and make you very self-aware. 

So you hear a lot about the term Marcos. Sounds scaring and confusing but it’s really not. I am going to break it down super simple for you.

so Marcos is short for Marco nutrients 


Your Marco nutrients are  Carbs, Fats, and Proteins each of these measurements are measured in grams


each food you consume is going to have a certain grams of carbs, fat, and proteins.


So the first step is figuring out what the magic number of each of your majors should be for each day.



So it snot just about getting your calories and macros #’s on point but also about making sure you are getting nutrient dense calories.


Can you reach you protein goals by eating protein bars and drinking protein shakes all day? For sure, would I ever recommend that? NEVER.


You want to be getting as much of your fuel through whole real foods.


What are whole real foods?


food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances. minally processed, food that comes from the earth and when you can go  organic.