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WHAT IS THE Muscles By Massetti program?

Well if you haven’t realized yet, I am Massetti, Michael Joseph Massetti, MJM for short and the Muscles by Massetti program is your new secret weapon to achieving the body you have always desired (fitness goals?). With this program, you’ll receive a step by step playbook of what you need to do from the second you arrive at the gym until the minute you hit the locker room. For only $9 per month, you can have access to your very own personal trainer for a totally unique workout every day of the week.

These daily programs can be used whether you're looking to put on size, shred some body fat and anything else in-between. Each workout is posted for a full 24 hours before the next day’s program is uploaded. Screenshot your favorites. The daily workouts are designed to be used in the order that they are posted.

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Who is Muscles by Massetti designed for?

Everybody and anybody! From experienced lifters to those brand new into the game and all others in-between. This program is great for anyone looking for guidance and for anyone looking to refresh and reset their current routine.

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Yes, diet is just as important as your fitness programming, so that’s why with the M by M program you will receive fundamental key points that will help you reach whatever your goal may be. The program will help you determine what your macros should be and will also discuss supplements as well.

Glad you asked! Diet determines your success on ANY program and this site is no different. Instead of posting generic cookie-cutter meal plans, I’ve created a complete Nutrition breakdown that shows you HOW to set your own personal macros. Not only will you be able to walk away with your specific macros, we’ve explained how to ADJUST those macros to achieve your goal.

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Check out the Kitchen Talk videos where I answer questions submitted by YOU. I've completed over 40 episodes already and new videos are posted each month!

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