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Many people would rather work on their muscles rather than their brains. However, one could argue the brain is more important than any muscle. At MJM Fitness, we have no problem getting our sweat on, but we don’t neglect our mindsets, either. We’ve learned the hard way that any fitness regimen is short-lived if you don’t have your head in the right place, and we’re here to help you. As certified yoga teachers, we help you explore the proven benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

The Journey Starts Within

Life has ups and downs — a lot of them. If you’re depending on white-knuckled determination, good intentions, and far-off goals to keep you active throughout life’s complexities, research shows that you’ll be disappointed. Instead, you need a positive, flexible, curious mindset. It will get you through by helping you maintain your priorities and roll with life’s punches. But how do you build a good mindset, keep tabs on it over time, and make constructive adjustments as needed? We’re here to show you.

Leveraging a positive approach and the rejuvenating practice of yoga, we help you connect with your current mindset and identify where it’s helping you and where it’s letting you down. The basic rundown is as follows:

  • Curiously observe your natural habits

  • Make a plan that addresses both your habits and your goals

  • Put the plan into practice while checking in with yourself to ensure it’s actually working

  • Make adjustments as needed

Learn More Today

Trust when we say we’ve learned from experience — many of the lessons we teach are ones we’ve learned the hard way ourselves. We know what it’s like to have fitness and health goals in the midst of a career, a family, and relationships. Choose our powerful mindset training today.