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Working on some Biceps for the boys with cross body hammer curls.

Most people i see training their biceps normally work with standard hammer curls, which are great! But this variation is great to throw into your program as well. Regular hammer curls target the brachioradialis harder (the chunk of muscle on top of you forearm) while the cross-body variation will focus more tension to the brachialis muscle (that muscle between the biceps and triceps). The Brachialis muscle is the peak of your bicep, so give you that morning rounded defined bicep.



Here's a short clip of Jason and I having some fun in our hotel in Dubai, working through a Sir Namiscara Flow. When Jason and I were visiting Dubai, we made sure to stay active, when traveling is very easy to fall out of your regular routines of healthy eating, working out and a regular sleep pattern, especially when you are traveling to a place where they are 8 hours ahead of you. Every morning we would wake up and do some light stretching, an inversion or two (my favorite), flows and light meditation. If you have the time to start your day with some yoga or...


Ah, Thanksgiving, an American holiday filled with family, friends, and of course, a lot of food. Some may argue this holiday is centered around divulgence and the kickoff for many celebrations to come. Even the most health conscious and calorie-counting fitness-buffs come face to face with temptation as they sit down at their dining room tables this holiday.

Here at MJM Fitness, we commend those that stick to their diets this Thanksgiving, but we also support those who choose to indulge and enjoy their time with their loved ones. As a rule of thumb, we recommend aiming to maintain...


According to a recent advisory by the American Heart Association (AHA), coconut oil is not as healthy as we once thought it was.

Like most of the world, I was shocked when I read this report, and frustrated. As a health enthusiast, coconut oil has long been a staple in my diet as a “healthy fat.” I consumed it various times throughout each day, whether it be adding a tablespoon to my morning coffee, or utilizing it when meal-prepping each week.

Because coconut oil is high in saturated fat, AHA warns that it can increase a person’s LDL Cholesterol—a major cause of cardiovascular...